What Are You Focusing On In Your Employees?

The credentials that an employee holds are not always as important as the skills that they possess. Not everyone withholds a long list of credentials that they have acquired. That simply may mean that they haven’t been presented with the same opportunities as someone else. People are capable of having amazing skills and abilities without the credentials to prove it.

How To See Past Credentials
When you are interviewing potential employees, you need to see past the list of accomplishments in front of you. Think about the job required to be filled and the skills needed to do it. Instead of listing credentials that are necessary to do the job, list the required skills.

You can find talent and skills in all kinds of people who may not be in the fieldwork you are advertising for. If you need someone who is focused on precise details for the technology world, it doesn’t mean that it has to be an individual trained in technology. Attention to detail can be found in someone new to this type of position.

Look Inside Your Company First
If you have a new position open, you may have someone within your company suited for the job. The training and schooling that you have may only be a part of the skills you possess. The employees you already have may greatly appreciate the ability to advance within the company or be promoted to a higher position.

Make Training Opportunities Available
Over the past year and a half, the internet has become more and more a part of the business world. It has had its place in many areas for many years, but it has been a lot more prevalent with social distancing. This means that there is more need than ever for people to be able to navigate technology well.

An opportunity for many employees is to have training on technology. That way, you can improve the capabilities of the employees that you already possess. You do not always have to hire someone with more experience or credentials to show you. The people you have right in front of you may have the skills you are looking for; they just need a little encouragement.

Put our Focus On Skills
The abilities that your employees have are important. This article isn’t to say credentials are not important, because they are. Don’t put all of your focus on just that. Look past them and into the skills that employees have. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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