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Are you tired of reading the same leadership clichés in leadership books and online articles? Most of the “helpful” information and tips that you have read are all based on common sense and ideas that have been installed in your head since elementary school.

When you’re ready to become a successful leader, it’s time to follow the five actionable practices documented by Dr. John Stahl-Wart. These practices can be found in successful businesses and organizations around the world.

1. Have a Vision
Having a compelling vision is the foundation of becoming a great and successful leader. Getting your team to buy into your vision will inspire and motivate them to bring their 100 percent day in and day out. Nothing motivates us more than a compelling purpose that we can get behind and work towards.

2. Set the Bar High
Establish a set of core values that you strive to implement at every level of your organization. These values will help define the level of work you expect your team to reach on a daily basis. By setting the bar high, you’re holding your team accountable to do everything in their power to reach it.

3. Break Down Barriers
Let your team and your customers know you’re willing to go above and beyond to get what the customer values most. Clarify what it is that your team does that customers value most. After that, demonstrate that you’re willing to remove any and all barriers between your product or service and your customers.

4. Optimize Your Teams Strength
A successful leader knows his team’s individual strengths. By knowing these strengths you can better delegate work to people who love doing and who do it well. This can ensure the best work possible while also keeping your team engaged in the work that they are doing.

5. Flip The Pyramid Upside Down
A successful leader can flip the top-down pyramid to help establish a healthy leader-leader culture in their organization. By doing this, you can help your team reach their full potential. It’s important to get rid of the unhealthy dependency on individual leaders.

Be a Serving Leader
A successful and well-respected leader is in the trenches with their team. Follow by actions and not words, and your team will follow you through thick and thin. These five practical actions can help you become a successful leader.


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