Want to be a Mentally Tough Leader? Develop These 6 Habits

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Some of the most effective leaders are those who are mentally strong. They may not be leading with a specific style, but they have practiced specific mental habits. Outstanding leaders tend to form 6 particular habits.

1. They Lead With A “Serve First” Mentality
This means leaders set clear instructions and goals. They are not afraid to establish authority with those around them. Mentally tough leaders work at establishing respect from those they are leading.

If you are responsible for decision making, you want to include decisions that will benefit your employees. Thereby “serving them first.” You will be respected by taking an interest in their benefit too.

2. They Lead With A Specific Vision
If you do not have a specific vision of where you want to go, then you will fail to achieve your goals. You cannot lead others without clear goals in mind. For example, if you are a leader of a company, you should know the mission and direction of the company.

Your employees are a key asset to your visions and goals. If you want to gain respect with your employees, it is important to:

● Have clear communication in your instructions
● Give them specific details to follow
● Tell them exactly how they can help

3. Lead With A Respect Of Time
Respecting the time of others is a way of respecting them. We all understand that time is valuable. If you neglect to establish time frame and goals, you will fail to show your employees what is important.

4. Lead With A Priority Of Well Being
If you are leading a company, you should place your health and well being as a priority. If you are not “filling yourself” with care, you will not be able to pour into others. Your physical health and well being are necessary to your mental health. Strengthening your health includes:

● Proper exercise
● Mediation
● Taking mental breaks
● Getting enough sleep

5. Lead With Your Actions
You may be able give great “pep talks” to your team. Do your actions back up your words? Effective leadership is two fold. Your actions must match your words.

This is how you will gain respect with your employees. A mentally strong leader uses a plan and takes control of situations. If things are left undone, the leader takes full ownership and encourages the team to try again.

6. Lead With A Relentless Spirit
It is easy to be discouraged when you fail. A mentally strong leader leads with a positive spirit and does not give up. Employees are encouraged and inspired by a boss who will help them to keep going.

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