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Jk Consultants Tomorrow Rule

If you’re looking to achieve or maintain success in everything you do, then emotional intelligence plays a major factor. You will notice that a lot of people say “yes” to almost everything, either to obtain great opportunities or to stand out in a niche. The truth is that you want to ensure you stand your ground and make the most out of your time. The way you achieve that is by using emotional intelligence and the “tomorrow rule”.

What is the Tomorrow Rule?
The idea behind the tomorrow rule is that in case you have a long horizon ahead of you and want to reply with “yes”, then you have to shorten the timeline. Then you want to ask yourself, would you say “yes” if you had to complete the same task tomorrow or next week? The benefit here is that you end up trumping emotion.

You get to see that other things become a priority and stuff like that can indeed make a huge difference. It’s imperative to understand that people want your time, this is the only thing that you can’t buy, so they want to harness it as much as possible. What you will notice is that successful people tend to say No to pretty much everything, and rarely agree to something unless it’s beneficial for their business or career.

Should you always say No?
Of course, it’s impossible to do that unless you are very rich and have the means to afford something like that. However, you do need to learn when to say No, because saying Yes all the time can become a major issue. You need to find a balance between saying Yes and No. That means you don’t want to be solely negative, but at the same time you want to avoid being a “Yes Man”.

Does the Tomorrow Rule help?
Yes, this is a great solution because it allows you to identify which are the best methods you can use to manage your time and make the most out of it. With this rule, you get to focus on the things that matter, while pushing away the less relevant stuff. This is exactly why you want to keep that in mind, and you will find that it delivers exceptional results and a great experience. This rule is meant to save you time while focusing on those things that matter. Use it as an advantage, and you will be much happier with the results!






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