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We often think of turnover in negative terms.  When a CEO resigns, it can send shockwaves through the entire organization and beyond.  The CEO role creates stability inside and outside of the organization.

In this January alone, 219 CEO’s have stepped down.  Some of the notable companies whose CEO stepped down after the coronavirus outbreak include Disney, IBM, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Mastercard. Each CEO has their own unique reason for stepping down but it seems like it could not have come at a worse time.  Or has it come at the best time?

The leaders who have stepped down have created opportunities – clear pathways for new leadership to emerge and help organizations and economies to thrive.  It is clearly time for new possibilities.  New leadership means fresh perspectives and new growth.  Since 107 of the 198 replacement CEOs came from outside of the company, the board of directors of 107 of those companies did not believe an existing employee could make the company stronger as a CEO. In fact, this has become a trend.

If you want to change this trend and become part of your company’s succession plan, you can begin preparing today.  A great question to ask is – What will make this company stronger today and in the future? The ideal leader has been formed throughout their career by consistent high performance.

Until you are promoted, you can help yourself and your leaders by demonstrating you have consistent high performance, you are open-minded and capable of embracing change that will strengthen the company and that you are committed to helping the company thrive.

Most leaders fail because their onboarding never fully integrates them into the organization.  Every new leader needs, among other things, a clear understanding of the corporate strategic and tactical plans, operations, the corporate culture and how decisions are made formally and informally.   Many leaders do not understand the corporate power or political structure well enough to build relationships and they are unable to change the culture to adopt their strategic and tactical changes.  All leaders need support in order to succeed.  The cost of failure in 2020 is higher than ever. You can choose to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

To be part of the solution you can support your leaders support and be one of the persons who can be counted on to tell the truth about how things are really working and not working in the organization. If your leaders fail, everyone fails.

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