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You might be wondering why some people have careers that take off and others take a little bit longer or even come to a halt. While you always want to be at a job you love, it probably wouldn’t be a terrible thing to get to the top faster. Let’s find out how some of those CEO “sprinters” reached the top title quicker than the average.

You Don’t Have to Have the Perfect Pedigree
You aren’t always going to find someone with a perfect pedigree is at the top of the pyramid. You are going to find that those hard workers who make bold career moves are the ones who rise fast. Quick moving executives behaviors include being decisive, extremely reliable, and they get noticed for the things they do.

Consider Starting Small
Just like everything else in life, you aren’t ever going to find that your path is a perfectly straight line. There are times you are going to have to move sideways and even slip backward. Over 60% of “sprinters” stated they had taken a small role during their career.

Maybe they started something within their company and needed to move to a smaller role to ensure that the new responsibility gets off the ground. Perhaps they moved to a smaller company so they could take on a bigger responsibility. They might have even moved on to start their own business. Either way, this was an opportunity to grow and make an impact.

Be Ready to Make a Big Leap
Over a third of “sprinters” made their big move within the first 10 years of their career. They made sure to say yes to things that were beyond everything that had done before. This happened even if they weren’t sure they were fully prepared for what was coming.

Most people know that these opportunities don’t just present themselves with a bow. CEO’s were sure to look for projects that were diverse and didn’t strictly focus on one thing. You can even ask your boss for more responsibilities that are tougher and more complex.

When you decide to accelerate your career, you aren’t going to be required to have an MBA from an Ivy League school or a plethora of natural traits, but you do need to ensure you have a willingness. You need to be flexible to make moves, lateral, risky, and unconventional. Be ready to work hard and expect obstacles in your way.

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