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You have most likely furloughed many of your employees due to the #stayathome requirements during this COVID-19 crisis. Are you unsettled because some of your employees were happy to be furloughed? Do you wonder how many of your employees will not return?

If you would like to create an environment in which your employees are happy to return to work, a great place to start is by asking if your corporate culture is outdated. Every company believes that it has a great corporate culture but it may be outdated and no longer relevant. We may be seeing employees happy to be furloughed, your leaders making a rough transition to remote work, as well as outdated technical and management skills. We are also seeing the effects of a poor corporate culture played out publicly through, among other things, the #MeToo movement, social media activism and holding CEO’s accountable. How do you change from reacting to a problem to creating a proactive evolving culture?

A great place to start is your corporate culture and a great way to revitalize it is by investing in developing your employees. When everyone is continuously improving and updating their skills and knowledge, your culture will reflect that and will also continuously improve.

Leaders cannot lead effectively with outdated skills. Continuous development of your leaders can change that “9-5” management mentality into the updated focus on achievements and results that is more relevant to the needs of your employees and required in today’s work environment. Is your current leadership team reluctant to change?

A corporate culture can support clear growth plans for each employee. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same job with no end in sight. A clear growth plan eliminates complaints such as “I’m bored,” “I have no career path,” “My company doesn’t care about me.” When these complaints percolate, employees can become disengaged and let their work quality decline. Top performers are not attracted to a dead-ends. Clear growth plans can reengage everyone.

Clean out the cobwebs in the corners of your corporate culture to be sure all of the old “ivory tower” remains are completely eradicated. This means eliminating slow responses that require endless meetings up the “chain of command.” CEO’s should understand that great ideas can come from anyplace and should allow all employees to innovate and make decisions. Eliminate those outdated class separations. Does your top management still enjoy expensive retreats, large bonuses and corporate perks while everyone else feels undervalued? A corporate culture can create an environment that responds quickly, empowers employees, is inclusive, and rewards appropriately.

The corporate culture should encourage treating everyone with dignity and respect. Every employee should know that there is accountability and consequences for bad behavior from any source. It can start with awareness of a confidential reporting system and a complaint investigation process

A corporate culture should make it easy for employees to do what they were hired to do. Everyone should know the corporate goals and how they contribute to achieving those goals. There should be no limit on anyone’s potential and rewards. Everyone wants to be part of something that has a purpose, perform meaningful work, be empowered and be rewarded appropriately.

As you can see, this is a great time to evaluate the skills, attitude and alignment of each member of your management team to ensure each person can move your company forward supporting a proactively evolving culture that helps everyone thrive.

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