Recruiting Top Talent – Show Them You Have What They Want

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What are the best practices to recruit top talent for your company?  How does an employer show quality, talented job seekers that they have what they want?

Bottom line, you have to stand out as a company.  The most talented interviewees will be sought after and your window is small to get THE right person to join your team.

As you interview, be sure to include information about the following:

Long Term Potential:
The most top notch job seekers want long term potential. They may not stick with your company for years and years but they want to know that it’s an option.
Help them to see that you are willing to invest in them and keep them on for a career over the course of time.

Growth Opportunity:
With the goal to have long term potential, top talent wants to know that they will have growth opportunities. Further, they want training and continued chances to learn.
Be sure to spoil them on the growth potential that you can offer. They will be all ears!

Boss Availability:
Top Talent wants to know who they will be working for. In other words, will they have access to their boss for questions? Are they going to go it alone and have to flounder?
Exceptional candidates won’t entertain that type of situation for long. They know their worth and want to have the chance to get answers as they need them.

Help Their Resume:
The best and most talented job seekers want to know if the job you are offering will boost their resume. They will not take a job that is not going to further benefit their career.
Besides a job, what can you offer them? Will the position you offer help them to increase the appeal of their resume? Be sure that it does!

Top talent job seekers won’t be around long. You have to give them what they want and “close the deal” quickly. Don’t beat around the bush. Explain what you need from them and tell them how your company can help them further their career.

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