Reasons Your Coworkers May Run From You

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Workplace relationships can be complicated. However, you can avoid certain behaviors that will ensure your coworkers won’t run in the opposite direction when they see you approaching.

Be sure not to act like this type of employee:

You don’t listen to others
If you don’t listen to others, people will not want to engage with you. Face time with your coworkers will decrease if you only talk about yourself. When you attend meetings or pass someone in the hall, put your phone down and make eye contact with others which welcomes conversation.

You look for a fight
If you are argumentative, you will be seen as looking for a fight. People will avoid you like the plague because no one has time for this type of behavior. Don’t throw out criticism and insults by constantly critiquing those around you. You’ll be seen as obnoxious and unprofessional.

You forget to give others credit
You take the credit when it should have been given to others. Be sure to recognize the accomplishments of others and even offer praise. Stealing the credit of your coworkers will be a surefire way they to anger them and build distrust.

You are too self-absorbed
You tend to get so engrossed in your work day that you appear self-absorbed and not willing to engage with others. Your coworkers will feel the brush off and just avoid you in the future. No one likes to work with someone that only thinks about themselves and their agenda.

You give too much information
No one wants to hear your life story and latest drama. When you give too much information, people become uncomfortable and lose interest in spending time with you. Further, they will not likely want to work on group projects with you for fear of your latest info overload.

Your goal is 5:00 PM
You seem more interested in 5:00 PM than the tasks at hand. Coworkers won’t feel that you are keeping the company & employees in your best interest and will want to avoid you. No one wants to work with a loafer or one that is constantly watching the clock.

Don’t be this type of employee. You’ll find that your coworkers won’t engage with you. They will avoid you and perhaps even run in the opposite direction in order to escape the pain of dealing with you.

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