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If you’ve ever been in a managerial position, you likely know how hard finding the right employees can be. Living in a country experiencing a low unemployment rate, you’re not alone.
In fact, Yat-Pang Au, a real estate investor and founder of Veritas Investments had the same issue with his company. Fortunately, he discovered that implementing the following strategies not only attracted the right talent, but helped keep them around.

Consider the Cultural Fit
While most would consider the technical skills of an individual to be the most important aspect of hiring, Au started looking at his employees individually. He weighed how they would fit into his team as having a greater impact than their skills and abilities. He also found that job skills can be trained, but fitting into the company culture was paramount to having a productive work environment.

Emphasize Onboarding
Another strategy Au implements is making those he is considering hiring take a personality test. Again, this ensures that the employee and company are the right fit for each other. He then works on acclimating them to the company quickly.
By making sure they are the right fit and getting them involved in the business immediately, workers are given clear direction and purpose. From this, the hiring process is front loaded and attrition is less.

Focus on Coaching
One of the most significant ways Au is able to keep his workers happy is by allowing them to grow and develop within their field. He also takes care to get them where they want to go.
He is able to do this by having an executive coach on staff. Employees schedule time with the executive coach and are able to develop skills like management and leadership, needed to progress in their career.

Be Visible
While teaching from the executive coach is expected, it’s also important for managers to invest in and coach their teams. Managers should be visible, authentic, and transparent with their subordinates. This may mean taking a moment to coach an individual for improvement or recognize a team member for a job well done.

Though the founder and CEO of the company, Au himself like to take walks with employees. This gives him a chance to show that he is interested in their questions and opinions. It’s also a great opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal. He too likes to recognize people for a job well done, and, for employees, what higher praise than from the one who started it all!

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