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The interview process is ever changing. Technology has made quite a difference over the years. One thing that has become clear is that video interviews are here to stay. In fact, they are about as common as face-to-face interviews these days.

The convenience of a video interview is great and puts people together from across the miles more quickly. Take a look at these best practices and a few tips on what to avoid so that you can nail your video interview.

Good eye contact is a top priority.
Your interviewer will learn a lot from you when they notice your eye contact. The goal here is to send the right signals and make good eye contact rather than appearing unsure. Don’t look around or down at your feet. Let the interviewer see your eyes and confidence by holding their gaze as you talk. Imagine they are right in front of you rather than the screen which will help your eyes stay engaged.

Seek to find a commonality as quickly as possible during the interview.
While this is something to strive for no matter the type of interview, you’ll find it is even more crucial for a video interview. There is already a lack of closeness because of proximity so it’s important to make a connection in another way. You can build rapport by finding a commonality to tie you in relationally. Don’t let technology rob you have the opportunity to truly connect.

Your body language matters.
If you are not aware of your body language, then you could give off the wrong message. Stay alert and have good posture so you won’t appear lazy or to have a laissez faire attitude. You’ll want to seem friendly, approachable, and not fidgety. Smile often and work to engage with the other person with body language that is relaxed and inviting.

Setup your interview space.
Before you do a video interview, check our space to be sure it appears professional and free of clutter. You’ll want to skip sitting on our bed but rather select a chair against a wall with a neutral background. The lighting should bright enough to see you easily.

Be prepared with questions about the position.
Your interviewer will like that you took initiative to prepare questions about the position and company in advance. Video interviews can be tricky. Being engaged and curious will help you seem both interested and prepared.

Video interviews are a great way to bridge the gap of many miles and secure your next position. Be prepared and you’ll nail your next interview.

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