Mental Health Coverage In The Workplace

Mental health is something that more places and people should pay attention to. Especially right now with the global pandemic. People are spending more and more time isolated and alone. That is something that can really put a toll on people who struggle with depression and other mental health problems.

It is a more widespread problem that people face than is talked about. People don’t like to openly admit that they are suffering from a mental health problem. The SAMHSA recorded that one in every four people in the world is struggling with some sort of mental health diagnosis.

Mental Health
These disorders go unnoticed so often, depression is one that people don’t openly tell you they are struggling with. They feel embarrassed or ashamed, but it can lead to much worse situations. Suicide is growing at a rapid rate every year.

It has been recorded that 60% of suicide deaths were by people who were depressed. COVID is not helping in that percentage. The pandemic has also caused a lot of anxiety and anxiousness in people.

How It Affects The Workplace
When people are experiencing large amounts of stress, depression, or anxiety, they are not going to benefit the business as much as they could. They may be missing days of work due to their mental health. Even when they are there, they may not be accomplishing as much as they could because they are so distracted.

There are a variety of different kinds of mental health problems that people can face. The way that it affects them is going to be different for everyone too. Some of the major ones that people are facing are:

  • Anxiety
  • Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • Eating Disorder
  • Phobias
  • PTSD 

Coverage for Mental Health
Some places have coverage in place and some don’t. It is a very important service that people should have the opportunity to take advantage of. In the past, it has always been something that shouldn’t be talked about in the workplace. Instead, in the current times, it is important to check in with people. Ask them things like:

  • How Are You?
  • Let’s Talk?
  • Are you Okay?
  • Do You Need Anything?

The current situations that are happening due to COVID-19 have caused a rise in many mental health problems for people. Workplaces can improve their productivity by making these services more available. When employees feel like they are being treated right, they are more likely going to be a better employee.


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