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Let’s face it, top talent has their choice of employers to choose from. Recruiters are often left struggling to secure the best hires for positions because it’s hard to get the attention of those that are in high demand.

There is a bit of a wooing process that must take place to entice the best candidates to notice you as a recruiter. Sometimes you must “work your candidate” in order to sell them on working with you.

Remember that whether you place them or not, you want to be in the forefront of their mind as someone to call perhaps even in the future.

In order to maximize your options, you must do the following:

Candidate Matching
As you interview a potential new hire, ask them questions about their career goals and dreams. While you may think they are a perfect fit for one position, after listening intently to their passions and interests, it’s possible that they are a better match for a different role. You can hook top talent by matching their interests with the opportunities that are available or coming open in the near future.

Engagement Is Key
Throughout the recruitment process, stay engaged with your candidate. You don’t want them to get restless, become disinterested, or move on to another option. Give them a quick call or shoot them an email in order to keep them in the loop. Staying in contact is a way to nurture the relationship.

Skills-based profile
Since recruiters cannot stay extremely busy and cannot be on the phone all day, send out a candidate’s skills-based profile to a large network of managers. This will ensure that they reach relevant companies. Use an attention grabbing subject line that shares your candidates best skill sets.

Request Referrals
When working with a candidate, feel free to ask them if they know anyone else that they might suggest for a position. Birds of a feather often flock together. Use your top talent to find more talent and request referrals.

Stay in Touch
Staying in contact with candidates is a great way to build a good rapport with them. Once they have a new job, whether you place them or not, they will be more willing to suggest your services to someone else because of a positive overall experience.

Recruiters must work hard to maximize their most talented candidates. Work smarter rather than harder and tap into the pool of resources at your fingertips.

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