Leadership and Anxiety

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Recent events have led many of us to realize just how fragile the ground we stand on is. As a leader, it’s hard not to find yourself anxious over the uncertainty every day brings. It’s even harder to find the strength to lead by example while your mind and heart are racing. Here are some ways you can combat your anxiety while still showing the strength and authority necessary to lead.

Don’t Run from Your Emotions

The worst thing you can do to your anxiety is to pretend that it doesn’t exist. In order to combat it, you must first accept the fact that you’re dealing with anxiety. No one has to hear you say it but saying it to yourself can be therapeutic for some.

After you have identified your anxiety, you can play the role of detective. Search your feelings to try and pinpoint the root cause of your anxiety. Are you worried about not being prepared for a big pitch or are you worried about something out of your control?

Rationalize with Yourself

When we’re anxious about what the future holds for us, it’s easy to find ourselves stuck in a negative thought loop that prevents us from moving forward. To combat this, one must sort out the probable from the possible. Doing so will help prevent feeling anxious about things beyond one’s control.

Try to avoid thinking in absolutes. While it’s possible that a pandemic wipes out everything that we love, it’s highly improbable that it happens. Don’t be afraid to recruit help from people you trust. Conversations with these people can help us differentiate what is likely to unfold from what is a long shot.

Take Steps to Reduce Anxiety

The best way to reduce anxiety is to control what you can. If you’re worried about not being ready for a big pitch, structure your time properly so you can better prepare. Being organized has a massive positive impact on mental health.

When you begin to feel anxious, an immediate task can easily become overwhelming. Even regular mundane activities can leave you feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Take small, meaningful actions that will help you ease your mind until the panic subsides.

Traveling in uncharted waters, like many of us are now, can lead to warranted anxiety and panic. It can be difficult to lead during bouts of anxiety. Taking a step back, diagnosing your anxiety, and taking small but meaningful actions can help you regain control of your situation.

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