Leaders: This Is The Secret To Preserving Top Talent

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Securing and keeping top talent is essential to a company’s success. However, it is also extremely difficult to do. Employers need to try and preserve their best employees and these elite people must be strategic in order to stand out as top talent.

A Leader’s Requirement
If you’re in leadership, then you have to always put your best foot forward and give your best 100% of the time. The benefits of this approach will be seen in the results that follow in both your role and those that you supervise.
Leaders should stand back and be more:
• Strategic
• Thorough
• Focused
• Approachable

As a leader, take initiative to stay focused and help your team do the same. Be sure to stick to your company’s vision and others will follow your lead. Also, be an example and take time out to get refreshed so that you can be more balanced in life and stay committed to the company without getting burnt out.
How does one pull this off as a leader? The goal is to have personal leadership and you’ll be set apart. This is just not the norm today.

Steps Toward Personal Leadership:
1. Who do you plan to invest in?
As a leader, you must look around you and think about who you should invest in. Perhaps you may see that need to focus on some growth for yourself too. Is there a course or seminar that would help grow you professionally? Consider yourself but be sure to think about who you need to focus on. Top talent is rare and you don’t want to let a talented individual get passed over or even get complacent. That includes you.

2. How can you empower someone else?
Once you’ve identified the person or people that you plan to invest in, you need to figure out how to empower them. Equip them to take on a leadership focus and switch their thinking in that direction.
One way to do this is to help them focus on their priorities. They may need help to define what those are, but stick close and they will figure it out in time.

3. How to consider both time and cost as you develop leaders?
The process of leader development is essential but a strategic approach should be taken. You must think of both the time and cost that it will take to grow talented individuals into leaders.
One approach could be to give a large project to someone that is up and coming in their talent and rank in the company. Allow them the opportunity for growth and to let their potential really shine.

Often, the result is that the employee feels empowered and like they are adding value to the goals of the company. This is a win for all.

Growing and preserving top talent will allow for continued growth of your company. The effort is worth it and more.

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