Leaders Are Brokers of Gifts

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Leaders Are Brokers of Gifts
Romans 12:6–8

Paul describes seven spiritual gifts, distributed to different members in the body of Christ. Like any good leader, he recognizes his role as a broker of gifts, talents, and resources. He urges everyone to discover, develop, and distribute his or her gift.

Every resource God provides should be in use. Every believer is a steward of the abilities he or she has been given. Every leader is a manager whose goal should be to maximize everyone’s gift.

The list of gifts in Romans 12 is not exhaustive. They are commonly called “motivational gifts,” which means they are central to our lives, the hub of the wheel around which our particular set of gifts revolve. Paul’s list includes:

1. Gift of Prophecy: to challenge others by declaring God’s truth and calling for action.

2. Gift of Service or Ministry: to serve others and meet their needs.

3. Gift of Teaching: to explain truth so that others can understand and apply it.

4. Gift of Exhortation: to encourage, strengthen, and inspire others to be their best.

5. Gift of Giving: to generously share what God has given.

6. Gift of Leadership: to govern and oversee others so that the group moves forward.

7. Gift of Mercy: to empathize with, cheer, and show compassion to those who hurt.

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