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Many companies are turning to group interviews for a number of reasons. These have plenty of great benefits for the company, but must be lead properly to be effective. Just like in any group, there are going to be those that dominate and others that sit back.

While this type of interview will give you a good idea of how people interact with others in groups, you still need to handle it properly to be effective. Be sure that you get everyone involved in the interview and discussions.

Choose a Good Location For the Group Interview
Decide what type of interview you plan to conduct, whether informal or formal and select your place based off of that. A circle of chairs would be appropriate for a casual setting. For a more formal meeting, a larger room with rows of desks would be best.

Help the Group Warm Up to One Another
As a good leader, you need to be able to bring people that do not know one another to a place of comfort very quickly. Breaking the ice is important in any group setting. In order to have an effective group setting, everyone needs the ability to answer questions comfortably.

During this time, it is also important to introduce the interviewers. You want your interviewees to be comfortable with each interviewer as well as with one another.

Be the Facilitator of the Group
Consider yourself as the leader or facilitator of the group. If you have one person that is taking up the group’s valuable time and not giving way to the floor, you need to redirect the discussions to include everyone.

If you do not establish yourself as the leader of the group, someone else will take charge. That is the natural tendency for some individuals.

Give Each Interviewee the Chance to Ask Questions
Quiet the room for a time of questions and answers. Each person that is interviewing needs a chance to ask the questions on their mind. As the interviewers, you should take turns answering the questions.

When you show group participation from the panel of interviewers, it will encourage group participation from the interviewees.

Group interviews can really give you a great sense of how your candidates will work with others. Facilitating the interviews well is the key in these being highly effective.

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