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Recruiters are known for their questions. They often ask lots and lots and lots of questions and as they should. The candidates that they work with and the clients they are working to help depend on them to ask questions and get the answers that are needed in order to recruit well. If a recruiter fails to ask questions, then they will get wrong information and have fewer placements.

Not only is it essential for recruiters to ask questions, but they must ask the right ones. Recruiting is not for the faint of heart and will take a strong individual in order to best serve the clients and placements.

Hiring managers discuss many things with a recruiter in advance. They need figure out the direction for the search. Typically the questions fall into categories of questions such as the job order, the company, potential candidates, and the process of things.

Job Order Questions
Once you’ve been given a job order, you should ask the hiring manager the questions that will help you end up with fewer issues later. Ask things like the following:
• What has been done to fill this position so far?
• How long has this job opening been available?
• What is the salary range?
• What would draw top talent to this job?

Company Questions
Top candidates are not only looking for the right job, but they want the right company too. Never miss the fact that they are very interested in the organization as they make their decision. Ask the hiring manager the following questions about the company:
• What is the size of the current team?
• Any plan for hiring over the next year?
• What is the best description of the company’s culture?
• What has the turnover been like in the last year or so?

Candidate Questions
You will want to be specific as you ask about the ideal candidate for this placement. Be sure to ask things such as:
• What personality traits work best within this company?
• Are there specific types of projects the candidate will work on initially?
• How would you describe the right candidate for this position?
• What would make this person successful in this role?

Process Questions
The process may be similar to what a recruiter is familiar with but don’t assume it. Ask the following types of questions about the process:
• Who is involved in the hiring process for this role?
• How many people have been interviewed for this position so far?
• Who is a part of the hiring process within the organization?
• How available is the hiring manager for interviews?

The right questions are essential! As you can see, the search is easier if you are equipped with a plan to work through with the hiring manager. Don’t be shy, just ask away and you’ll be glad you did. Recruiters with more placements will certainly mean a greater job satisfaction.

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