HR Managers: Do your job, or get out

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Good HR managers are hard to come by. If HR managers miss the mark and don’t do their jobs well, then people get hurt which affects your business.

HR managers need training and to be held accountable for their decisions. In the event that there is not an organized system in place, then candidate’s applications, personal information and ultimately their careers could be at risk. Be sure your company is trustworthy and skilled in HR management. Check out some tips to pull that off below.

Make Firm Offers
If you make an offer then mean what you say. Sometimes potential candidates get an offer for a position and then after acceptance (or even before) the HR manager will rescind the offer. Truly, this makes no sense. Firmly make an offer that you intend to follow through on or don’t make one at all.

Don’t Recruit if You Don’t Mean Business
Please stop recruiting and posting ads if you aren’t serious. Candidates will see you crying wolf and eventually you will be seen as less credible. Be sure to your HR manager only recruits if they mean business.

Stop the Silly Recruiting
If your version of recruiting is posting an ad on Craigslist, Monster or Indeed then stop the madness! Real recruitment should be more strategic. You’ll want to network with other industry colleagues. Consider setting up meetings with potential candidates in a non-interview scenario to obtain more information.

HR Managers frequently post ads and then whine about how they can’t find any good people these days. They are out there but you’ll have to put a little elbow grease into find them. Silly recruiting is a waste of time. Get a real plan and strategy together that is implementable whenever you have a hiring need. This will you save time and money.

Salary Faux Pas
I’ve never understood why HR Managers want to know what salary their candidate made at their previous position. Asking them their pay info is like asking what they have in their savings account. It’s personal and should not be asked. HR Managers ought to set the amount they plan to pay and seek a candidate for the position at that rate. Period.

HR Managers need to get it together or get out! Train your HR department to be wise and even sensitive to your employees and potential employees. They handle personal information and are dealing with people’s livelihoods. Be sure they take it seriously and your company will thrive with better and more satisfied employees.

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