How to Change Your Company Culture Even When You’re Not The CEO

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Do you feel like your place of work is in need of a culture change? If you’re not in a leadership role, it may feel as though you don’t feel like you have the voice to make a change. However, there are a few things you can do to try and shift the culture at your place of work.

Remain Patient and Persistent
When you’re trying to change the culture in your workplace it’s important to remain patient. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a night. Once you realize there’s a cultural problem, the first course of action is to diagnose the problem.

Finding the root of the problem will allow you to take steps to make improvements. Since leaders in the workplace may be too busy to notice small everyday issues, you can help point them towards those problems. You may have to get creative to show there’s a problem that needs to be addressed.

Let Your Voice Be Heard
Use the tools at your disposal to make it clear there’s a culture problem. The best way to showcase a problem is to prove that business is being negatively affected by culture. Use reports and statistics available to you to prove that the business is suffering because of the negative culture.

You could also use statistics to prove a positive change in culture can increase employee productivity. Most leaders are too busy to prioritize implementing a positive culture. However, you can help make them realize just how important it is.

Communication is Key
As with almost everything else in the workplace, communication is key. Be informative, helpful and solution-oriented every step of the way. You will get more followers and believers by being communicative and goal driven.

It’s important to have a plan when implementing trying to have a culture change. The best way to implement this plan is with proper communication thru and thru. Even though it may seem like you don’t have a voice, with proper communication, everyone has a voice.

You Can Make A Difference
You don’t have to be a boss to make a difference in your workplace. With proper communication, you can help implement a culture change.

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