How Not To Lose Your Cool With The Client From Hell

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Disagreement is in the nature of relationships. When you are working together, it’s understandable that unhappiness is going to occur at some point.

What happens when you have a client from hell? What do you do when the client has unrealistic expectations? There are some ways you can keep yourself calm and keep the client happy.

1. Practice Some Empathy
Working with clients is a partnership. You are not the only one who wants things to go well. Perhaps you feel you cannot agree on anything. Try to remember that you both share at least one goal. You both desire to deliver a great product.

When you are concerned about delivering excellence, try to remember your client. They are most likely stressing out too. If your client is being difficult with you, try to put yourself in their position. Try to let them know that you are for them.

2. Communication Is Key
Every relationship thrives on good communication. When you are working with a client, be sure to clearly communicate. Tell them exactly what you can provide for them and what you need from them. The more clearly you communicate, the easier it will be for your client.

It may be helpful to ask the client what their expectations are. Keep a list so you can refer to them. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification on any project.

3. Defend Your Work
Remember that your client has hired you for your experience and knowledge. When a client rejects your work, do not take it as a personal attack. Kindly remind the client what you are doing.

Remember, the client probably hired you for a task they are unable to do. Therefore, do not be afraid to defend your work if you have met all of their expectations. Approach them with kindness and professionalism.

4. Be Willing To Compromise
Sometimes it can be difficult to compromise. Keep in mind that both you and your client have similar goals. Your client hired you to do a job and you need to do that job well. Be sure to also keep the objectives and goals fair.

Don’t be too concerned with how you want things done. You may end up losing your client. Decide what is important. If keeping the client happy is important, then figure out the best compromise.

When you get the customer that is hard to deal with, these are the principles you can use to keep from completely losing it.

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