How Meditation Can Help You Become a Better Leader


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Becoming a better leader stems from many daily practices. Mediation may not even be on your radar when it comes to finding ways to be a better leader. However, making this a part of your daily routine can change your day completely.
Here are ways that meditation can help you:

1. Objectively Tackle Daily Task
Meditation is a mindful discipline that can do wonders for not only your personal life but for the leadership aspect of your life as well. Pride is one factor at the root of failed relationships and poor management and with the lack of quality leadership, these days meditation is a technique worth trying. When one stops to quiet their mind and breathe deeply they are able to silence many of the thoughts that tend to create conflict.
Even a short ten to twenty-minute meditation session can help to refocus the mind, reevaluate an email, a tough phone call, and reply without “self” involved. When you practice stillness you can virtually remove thoughts that contribute to defensive behavior and think more clearly.

2. Build Deeper Connections
Over time it has been noted that meditation allows a person to feel more empathy and better connect with their employees. People who practice meditation regularly learn to release fear and can then connect better and approach and confront employees they find “difficult”. This approach is not only for the workplace but can be used in other forms of leadership.
Parenting is a great place to practice these techniques especially during the teen years or if you are a caregiver for someone with special needs or mental illness. Take some quiet time to breathe in and out, listening to the breaths, then reevaluate how to respond. Acting out of emotion instead of logic just because we could not take time to meditate can cause long-term relationship hardships.

3. Still Your Mind
Our minds on average have 70,000 thoughts that run through our minds on any given day. The goal with meditation is to release those thoughts, release the ego, the pride, the thoughts that hold us back. Find a quiet place with a chair and set your timer for anywhere between five and twenty-five minutes.
Count to one in your head while you take your first breath in and then breathe out on two. Repeat this process all the way to 10 and start over. With every breath release the thoughts, let go of the anxiousness and notice how this helps during your decision-making throughout the day.

Practice Regularly and Extend Your Practice Over Time
Start out with five minutes and slowly work your way up to ten or fifteen. If all you have is five minutes then just make sure to meditate for five minutes daily. Start with your consistency and then work on extending your meditation time.

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