How Business Leaders Can Focus on Their Why

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As you get caught up in the day-to-day business, feeling like you’re wading through numbers and spreadsheets, it’s easy to lose sight of the “why”. It’s not surprising that those who work with meaning behind it are more productive and more satisfied. We’re going to help you learn how you can focus more on your “why”.

Find Meaning that’s Relatable
When you find a purpose that drives others as well, you’re more likely to attract others to you who bring support and enhance your efforts. It also helps you find purpose when you see that you’re working towards a similar cause. It makes you feel like you’re part of something much bigger.

Find Meaning in Your Services or Products
If you’re having trouble finding purpose, then you can look at what you provide. Some business leaders provide a service that fills a need. Others create products that help others. Whatever it is, think about how it affects others.

Does it fill a need or help others? This is the driving force of many small business owners. They see a need and want to fill it.

Find a Way to Make an Impact
If you’re having a hard time finding meaning in what you provide, there are other ways your company can make a social impact. Many leaders give their companies meaning and make them more relatable by donating to charitable organizations

Another great option is donating your time. This is something that will also help your employees feel purpose as they can come together to donate their time to the community.

Use Your “Why” to Get You Through Menial Tasks
When you have found your “why” use it as motivation to get you through the mundane parts of your day. If all these small, menial tasks all work together to help someone out, then knowing that will energize you to get through. You can also help encourage your employees and increase productivity by helping them see what part of the “why” they play.

There Will Still Be Hard Days
Even though you have found your purpose and you now feel energized and motivated, there will be days when that won’t be enough. Or, days when your drive just won’t be there. You can find encouragement in the fact that the next day is a new day and the drive will be there.

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