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We’ve all been there, working for a company that you love, but you just can’t stay. Why? Because of how ineffective your manager’s skills are or how undermining they can be. Here’s a shocking statistic: more than one in two Americans have left a job to get away from a toxic boss to find happiness elsewhere, according to a Gallup poll.

Instead of allowing fear and resentment to build in your employees, acting quickly to change the situation is a must. There’s no need to worry if the entire team will fall once the manager is dealt with. Instead of replacing members of the team, replace the ineffective manager with a great manager. In most circumstances, employees will work harder and be happier once the manager that has brought them down for so long is gone.

Sometimes recognizing an ineffective manager can be easy, while other times it will take employees speaking up for you to see the problems. Below are a few examples of how great managers can change the dynamic of their team.

A great manager will have the confidence to delegate responsibility and then give team members autonomy to achieve goals. On the other hand, most newer or recently promoted managers don’t realize they are micromanaging their teams until it is too late. Instead of providing guidance and allowing their team to produce will often be critical and then take over and finish the work themselves.

An effective leader will listen to the opinion of their team and, where possible, implement useful ideas for the better of the company. When a manager believes only their opinion matters, the views of others will be of little interest to them. It can cause disagreements throughout the team dynamic and potentially lead to a hostile environment.

Set Clear Goals
A great manager will set clear goals because they know that a team without clear expectations from their manager will not be able to work cohesively towards a goal. They will either be working in whatever direction they think is best or barely working at all without any direction.

What To Do Next
The first option is to hire a great manager as soon as possible. The ineffective manager can be placed in a position with no direct reports and given the training necessary to make them an effective leader for the future. Be sure to periodically check with the team for feedback.

Remember, the best businesses only have the best leaders.

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