Here’s How You Can Improve Your Team’s Production

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It’s no secret that a team should be able to get more done that someone working by themselves. If you are a team leader than it is up to you to help your team be the best they can be. One of the top ways that you can help your team improve and succeed is teaching them quality time management skills.

Limiting Casual Conversations
If you are working with the same people every day, then you are going to have casual conversations during work hours. There is nothing wrong with talking with your co-workers about everyday life, however, it’s important to know the time and place. You should be able to read the room and know that if a co-worker is busy with work then that is not the time to start small talk.

Setting Your Team Up For Success
A team is only as good as its leader. You wouldn’t expect someone to get a job done with if they aren’t set up with training, instructions, and the tools necessary to do so. So much time is saved when your team isn’t having to ask a million questions that in turn slow the team leader down.

Make sure you are clearly communicating your expectations and what your goals are to your team. Let them know when due dates are and which projects are of top priority. Spreadsheets and Google Docs are great ways to share ideas with your entire team.

While meetings are important and can be necessary, they aren’t needed every day. In order to avoid the amount of time they leach from being productive, make sure to have a set meeting time. You shouldn’t be calling impromptu meetings at random times every day.

Meetings should have a purpose and not be about something that can be sent in an email. They should be productive and solve some, if any, problems that you are having. They can also be great for creating goals and hearing any issues that your teams are running into.

Not Just For The Team
Time management should be a priority for everyone, not just reams. Make sure you are blocking off time to meet with your employees and not stopping everything multiple times a day. Make a list of questions for employees and things you need to know so all your meetings are productive.

Time management should be utilized by everyone on the team if you want your business to thrive. Some processes and systems that in in place right now might need to be changed, but that is ok. Having a happy and productive team is worth it.

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