Dial It Back When You’re Burnt Out On Work

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Our society does not set us up for understanding when to dial back to prevent burnout. We almost feel encouraged to give it all we have until we have no more to give. The flip side to being a hard worker is to know when to rest and take it easy so you always have enough to get the job done. Most people are aware of the health risks associated with burnout but continue anyhow.

There are many voices telling us to seek success at all cost but what is most important is the voice we will listen to.

Here are some ways to help you dial back when you are feeling burnt out at work:

Setting Healthy Work Boundaries
Setting healthy work boundaries is easier said than done. Most people work longer hours just to get out those last couple of emails before they arrive 20 minutes late to their daughter’s ballet recital. Every opportunity is a chance to carry out your healthy work boundaries.

Addressing the Root Fear
When you are challenged on your boundaries, ask yourself, “What will happen if I just don’t?” You continue asking this same question until you get to the root of the fear of repercussion if you fail to do all these things. Once you have reached that point, then ask yourself if it is realistic. Acknowledging the fear allows you to determine if the fear is irrational.

Have Someone Keep You Accountable
By sharing your hopes in setting new boundaries with another person, they can help keep you accountable to your goals. This helps you stay dedicated and focus on these goals when you have someone in your corner believing you can do it.

Devote Yourself to Achieving Your Goal
When accomplishing our goals, many of us are too realistic for our own good. We weigh the odds and allow the negative to get in the way. Instead of feeling defeated, devote yourself to achieving your goal.

Devote yourself to the things at work that create the biggest achievements. Giving the most time and energy to these areas will allow you to dial back on areas that are not productive. You can leave work knowing you gave your best, which will help you make an easier transition daily to home life.

Consider the Future
What will your future self say if you fast forward a year, 10 years, 20 years from now? This allows you to see what you really should devote your time to in the grand scheme of things. Time is the one thing money can’t buy and none of us can get back. This exercise helps you to see beyond Monday meetings, deadlines, and stressful work situations.

Giving your body and mind the rest and recovery it needs helps you manage your stress and not feel overloaded. Mental health is crucial, and it is high time we begin to prioritize it in the workplace.

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