Common Weaknesses in Leadership And How to Fix Them

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We’ve all been around leaders that weren’t so great. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, I’m sure we can see the areas in our own leadership style that is lacking. These are some of the most common weaknesses in leaders today and how you can fix them.

1. Micromanaging Employees
Micromanaging your employees is one of the worst things you can do as a leader. While some of those tendencies may be rooted in your own perfectionist nature, it more often has to do with a lack of trust for those around you.

In order for your employees to really rise to your standards and invest in the company, they must feel trusted. If they feel unappreciated for the job, their performance will go down. To make a win/win situation for both of you, ask them for checkups every month.

2. Becoming Stuck in Your Ways
One of the biggest weaknesses that leaders face is that they can get stuck in a certain way of doing things. If you have done something a certain way and it’s worked, it is really easy to think that is the best way of doing it. But, when you trust your employees’ feedback, invest in your own development, and stay flexible, you will be able to lead well.

3. Wanting to Be Popular
Unfortunately, you are not always going to be popular with your employees. As a leader, you can get accustomed to the attention and desire to please everyone. No one wants to be perceived as “the bad guy”.

As a strong leader, you have to be willing to make the tough decisions, even if it doesn’t make you popular with your team. Also, find ways to communicate with your employees, that while you heard them, you are making the choice that is best for the greater good.

4. Do What I Say and Not What I Do
You must lead by example. It’s really easy to tell your employees you have one set of expectations out of them, but then do the exact opposite yourself. When you say one thing and do another, it will cause your team to feel resentment towards you.

5. Not Being Clear With Your Expectations
In order to lead your team well, you must provide them clear expectations. Give them a goal and set up checkpoints along the way. Tell them the timeline you expect from them and at what points of the process you need them to check in. When they know what you need from them every step of the way, they’ll be able to meet those expectations.

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