Common Misconceptions About Recruiters

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Whether you are fresh out of college or in the market for a new position, there is a high chance that you will have a conversation with a recruiter. Recruiters are a valuable and significant part during someone’s search for a new job or even if they are looking to advance in their current career. Most people don’t even know what goes on at recruiting firms, so we wanted to ensure you were fully informed.

It’s important to know how recruiters work, what their limitations are, how they can ultimately help you. Knowing the operation helps ensure that you have a productive and long-term relationship with your recruiter. The first thing to know is that most recruiters are actually called Contingent Recruiters.

What Do Recruiters Do?
Recruiters start by getting a job order from other companies and are assigned with the task of finding the right person for the job. They need to be fast and good at their job because they normally aren’t the only recruiter who has received the same job order. The recruiter will only get paid if their candidate is the right fit, accepts the job offer, and stays at the job as long as the agreement states.

Compensation For Recruiters
The recruiter will spend a lot of time searching for people, interviewing, sending in resumes, and coaching potential applicants on acing the interview. The recruiter could spend time on 10 individuals and only have 3 actually get interviews. A random application could catch the eye of the company, hire that person, and the recruiter is left with no commission.

It could almost be compared to that of a real estate agent. They could show homes to a family for months and months then get a message one day that they purchased a house from another realtor. That’s great news for the other company, but not for the individual who put in all the time and effort to help their clients.

Challenges Recruiters Face
One of the most common challenges that recruiters face is that they aren’t able to offer jobs that they don’t have. While some might have a large inventory at one time and not so many at another. Recruiters work with what they have and most are really trying to help you so you both come out on time.

Do You Need a Recruiter?
If you have been looking for a job for a while or are wanting to expand your view, then a recruiter might be the ideal person for you. Don’t just go with the first one you find, it’s good to ask around for references and reviews. We hope they can help you find the perfect job!

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