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Want to Boost Your Team’s Creativity? Try This

If you’re planning a brainstorming session with your team, nothing is more intimidating than staring at that blank flipchart. You can kick off your brainstorming with this new concept developed by an author/writer. This will gear up your team with this fun activity and get them in that creative mode.

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Less Talent Means Employers Are Casting a Wider Net

Rapid growth is causing problems for the tech industry. They are having a difficult time finding experienced and trained employees. There are an estimated 700,000 job openings unfilled in the tech industry. Last year job postings for AI job positions increased by a whopping 159%. This increase is causing employers to be more creative in their search for qualified workers.

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Do This to Control Your Emotions When You Are at Work

Controlling your emotions is hard enough. Doing so in a stressful and busy environment like at work is even harder. Have you ever cried after getting feedback? Or struggled with your temper around another team member? You’re human, which means you have complex emotions like frustration, panic, and disappointment.

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How to Handle it When Your Employees Quit

It’s the day that’s bound to come around eventually. The day one of your favorite employees decides to leave the nest. As you stare at their written notice they just handed you, you try your best to look supportive as they start explaining why they’re leaving.

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7 Steps to Achieve Your Business Goals

When most of us think about Navy SEALs, we think of their bravery and toughness. They take on dangerous missions and seem to achieve the impossible. In the book The Navy SEAL Art of War by Rob Roy, he talks about how Navy SEALs accomplish these amazing feats.

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