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SECURITY PROVIDES the foundation for strong leadership. When we feel insecure, we drift from our mission whenever trouble arises. We must feel secure, or when people stop liking us; when funding drops; when morale dips; or when others reject or criticize us—we will crumble. If we do not feel secure, fear will eventually cause us to sabotage our leadership.

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Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? Samuel and the Importance of Clear Communication 1 Samuel (10:3–12:25) DR. J. ROBERT CLINTON did a formal study

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Ready to Find Your Next Star Performer? Josiah: Outward Reform Begins with Inward Renewal 2 Kings 22:10–23:25 YOUNG KING Josiah is a classic example of

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Rehoboam Fails to Listen to the Right People 2 Chronicles 10:15 KING REHOBOAM’S dysfunctional leadership split the nation of Israel in two. His hunger for

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