Corporate Policy and Practice

  • Flexible Executive Search Hiring Tips

    Your Next Great Hire Is In Your Sights Your hiring requirements could actually be preventing you from interviewing a great employee who will have a long tenure with your company. These three tips can help you ensure that you don’t miss out on a potentially great candidate by simply viewing their application in black and white .
  • Hire An Executive Search Firm Like JK Consultants & Let The Experts Recruit The Best Candidates

    Bullseye Candidates Fast: 98% Stop spinning your wheels waiting for your HR department to fill your openings. Would you rather have your expert in employee benefits and OSHA regulations be focused on those duties or reviewing a stack of resumes?
  • A Process for Onboarding

    A PROCESS FOR ONBOARDING: ORIENTATION, ACCLIMATION, INTEGRATION AND RETENTION A great recruitment process includes a process for onboarding. Your new employee orientation is your first impression. It can be a positive experience increasing enthusiasm and securing a long-term loyal employee within your organization. But if it is poorly done, the new employee will begin to doubt that they made the right decision and retention may be an uphill struggle. In most organizations, someone greets the new employee and off they go to the Human Resources department to begin a lengthy paperwork process. The new employee leaves with a binder filled...
  • Hire the Right Executives to Grow your Company

    An excerpt from by Frank Marquardt Startups depend on their leaders. Finding executives with the management experience and business knowledge necessary to execute against the business plan is critical in building effective teams. It's also essential if you're going to convince investors to fund your dream. Of course, you're going to want your CTO to have different skills than your CEO. But that doesn't mean you won't look for similar qualities in all the executives you hire. Senior Managers Are Not Ordinary Managers When you're building your senior management team, there's a lot to keep in mind. You want...
  • Retaining Your Best People

    An excerpt from the Semper Fi Consulting online magazine The first step towards retaining one's top performers is to realize that they could be gone tomorrow. That cheerful, loyal superstar, whom you love like a son or a daughter, and who has never given any indication of dissatisfaction with the company, may already be composing the resignation letter.  When he, or she, comes in with the bad news, it is too late to persuade them to stay; commitments have already been made. At that point, you may remind yourself that everyone is "replaceable".  But then, when you consider the cost...
  • Dealing with Powerful Customers

    As an executive search firm we've dealt with powerful customers. Here are a few lessons learned that we'd like to share with you. In a traditional market, a specialty customer prefers products with premium value at a premium price. A commodity customer chooses products with the lowest price as the most important factor. Companies build their strategy around the customer’s specialty or commodity behavior.  Individual customers do not have the volume relationship with manufacturers to demand specialty products at commodity prices. Market channels can restrict the end user’s freedom of choice among a large number of available brands and products. ...
  • Attract and Retain the Best

    Competition for excellent talent is always intense, no matter the state of the economy. Every company would like to attract and retain good talent. Begin by appraising the current organizational climate, targeting specific structural and cultural changes to be made and then engaging in a well-formulated, planned and managed change process. Though the effort necessary to implement changes may span several years the beneficial results will become evident in as little as a few months. The following are ways to attract high-achieving workers and be able to retain and develop them so that they make innovative contributions and enhance productivity....


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