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How to Handle it When Your Employees Quit

It’s the day that’s bound to come around eventually. The day one of your favorite employees decides to leave the nest. As you stare at their written notice they just handed you, you try your best to look supportive as they start explaining why they’re leaving.

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7 Steps to Achieve Your Business Goals

When most of us think about Navy SEALs, we think of their bravery and toughness. They take on dangerous missions and seem to achieve the impossible. In the book The Navy SEAL Art of War by Rob Roy, he talks about how Navy SEALs accomplish these amazing feats.

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How CEOs Handle Their Power

CEOs typically put in countless hours to prepare for this important company role. They tend to learn how to be a leader during their stay in middle management. Often, these managers make mistakes such as being overbearing, micromanaging, and forgetting to invest in people on occasion.

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