• Non-Compete Agreement – Valued Employee or Indentured Servitude?

    A non-compete agreement is a contract signed by an employee in which he or she agrees they will not engage in certain employment within a certain geographic area for a certain period of time after their employment is terminated. Non-solicitation agreements preclude a terminated employee from contacting the employer’s customers or remaining employees after leaving employment. Non-compete agreements are becoming more common and generally employees are asked to sign one (1) at initial employment (2) to termination as a condition to receive a severance package and (3) during employment generally when there is a significant promotion. When it comes to...
  • When Is It Time To Leave Your Job?

    Butterflies Some of us become so attached to our work and to our workplace that we are reluctant to even consider other opportunities. There are so many reasons we can think of to stay in an unfulfilling job including our high level of comfort with our work, customers, coworkers and physical space in which we work. We can even develop a high level of comfort with our routines including the dress code, commute and our meals. We can even allow comfort and familiarity to become so large in our minds that it prevents us from moving forward. The following is a...


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