Bridging The Skills Gaps


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Are you under qualified for your dream job? Don’t let your gap in skills keep you from attaining your career goals. This article discusses what you need to do when your current skill set isn’t enough for the job you ultimately want.

Consider the Long-Term

If you have a career goal, don’t expect to just go from point A to point B. Many people think if they have a goal, they just need to go out and get a degree or go from a Bachelor’s to a Master’s degree. However, many people are also finding out that a degree isn’t going to give them the necessary skills they need.

Rather than pursuing a degree, think about role changes within your company that will help you attain your goals. Even if these are just lateral moves, always have your long-term goals in mind. The lateral moves will be worth it if they give you the skills and experience necessary to propel your career in the right direction.

Think About Volunteering Your Time

Another way to fill in the skills gap and get the necessary experience under your belt is to volunteer your time. If you need certain skills and experience for your career goals but are having a hard time finding a position that will give you those skills, then see if you can volunteer. A great way that people have done this is through non-profit organizations.

Many of these organizations need people to fill certain roles but don’t have the money to pay someone who is experienced. Therefore, they will take under-qualified candidates and give them on-the-job training and experience.

Take A Demotion

Another way to obtain the skills necessary is to take an entry-level job or to take a job at a small company that can’t pay as well. This is a great way to build the skills you need and attain the experience for your resume that will help you land that good-paying job at that huge company.

One of the ways many people find success in doing this is to start with a start-up company. The risk are much bigger but it could mean a big payout in the end when you’ve landed that executive role.

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