How the Best Leaders Persevere Through Tragedy

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You are a leader in your company, but you are still a human. We all have tragedies hit us or things happen in our lives that can make going to work very difficult. So, how do you lead when you are in the midst of personal crisis?

Find Encouragement and Inspiration From Others
There are many people that have suffered such great loss in their lives. Watch how they stand up to the pressure and draw your inspiration and encouragement from them. You know that you can do this because others have been able to persevere through similar or worst circumstances.

Willingly Take Time Off
Just because you are a leader does not mean that you must be present every single day. If you have been doing your job well, others in the company will have the ability to pick up in your absence while you work through what you are dealing with.

Take the time to handle your emotions and refresh yourself before returning to work. Do what is necessary so you can be a strong leader when you come back.

Pass the Torch
During your absence, pass off the torch of leadership to the person that will run things while you take a break. Whether this is for a few days or a longer period, people need to know that they have a leader while you are away. Make it clear who is in charge.

Be Resilient, But Be Human
People do want to see a person that is resilient during hard times, but they do not want to see a robot. Do not be mechanical in your responses or refuse to show emotion. Those around you need to see your human side. It will seem cold and hard if you do not show the proper emotions that would be expected during a time of duress.

Find ways to stay strong, but don’t be afraid to break down from time to time if need be. Being a leader is a difficult job. Give yourself grace during these times, and others will do the same for you.

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