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If you want to have an outstanding staff and company that are sought after for employment then grow your “tribe” and improve your talent recruitment. In other words, be awesome. If you pull this off, then top candidates will flock to you.

Position your company to be the most desirable to join for employees. Your goal is to be THE place where people what to work and grow career wise. Check out these tips to develop your employees before and after they work for you.

1. Be visible
Get the word out about everything that your company offers its employees. Consider writing articles and blog posts to be more visible and talk about your greatness.

Seriously advertise your company and available positions. Join committees, associations and volunteer your time to be both visible and to promote good will within your industry.

2. Provide training
One surefire way to be stagnant is by not offering training. Be sure to encourage your team to grow in their roles and provide them with educational opportunities that will benefit both them and your company.

The one thing that you should avoid is to ever hold your team members back. You want to be the company that helps their staff flourish and advance in their career. (Even if that means they leave your company one day.)

Employees will appreciate your authenticity and they are often more loyal because they believe you have their best interest at heart.

3. Career paths
Within your business, make sure that your staff is aware of potential career paths, promotion opportunities and the timeframe that growth occurs. Driven employees constantly look at what’s ahead and will be more motivated because you allow them to see the big picture.

Set the goal to have people spilling into your office with the desire to work for your company. If you stay visible, offer training and encourage career growth, then you’ll be ahead of your competition and be more desirable to job seekers.

Increase your perceived desirability and you’ll discover that top talent will be begging to join your team. Be awesome and they will come to you.


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