Are You Thinking Like A Scientist?

If you are a CEO of a business, there are many important decisions that you have to make. How are you considering and deciphering them? On a whim or are you thinking about them in a different more methodical way? For instance, like a scientist. They make informed and data-backed decisions.

What Kind Of Thinker Are You?
It is a stressful job to have so many vital decisions weighing on your shoulders. Whether you are good at it or not, you may be concerned about the outcome in the back of your head. Quick and thoughtless decisions are not always the best ones to make. Many considerations go into making a good decision.

A way to make sure that you are making the most informed and thoughtful decision that you can for your company is to create a checklist in your head. Go down the list and answer the questions. For example:

●       Am I Thinking With Humility?
●       Am I Thinking With Confidence?
●       Am I Being Biased?
●       Do I Have Data To Back Up My Decision?
●       Is This My Opinion or My True Consideration?

Be Open and Welcoming
A good CEO understands the importance of being humble. You don’t want to shut out everyone and not be considerate of their opinions. Though you do not have to please everyone, and everyone will have their own personal opinion. But, it is considerate to everyone and how they feel.

Don’t sway once you have come to your decision and feel confident in what you have decided. Let your staff know what your decision is and why you made it. Back it up with factual information. Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve; let everyone have their own opinions. That is okay; if everyone thought the same, this would be a boring world.

Viewing Business Like A Scientist
To think like a scientist, you have to know what they would do. Some of the points they would make are:

●       Market Analysis and Intelligence
●       A/B Testing
●       Segmentation
●       Internal Data
●       Key Performance Indicators
●       Benchmarks
●       Financial Projection

Data is a big part of decision-making in scientists, so that means they will have their data clear and laid out. You, too, can think like a scientist. Put these tips and tricks into action when making decisions for your company. The difference of opinions to challenge your thoughts is not always a bad idea.

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