Are you a New CEO? Here’s your Toolbox to become a High-Performing Leader

Develop Leadership Skills

Starting at an organization that’s just seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel can be a challenge. There are some high-performance moves that you can make early as a new CEO.

It’s more important now than ever to take the right steps quickly as a new CEO of a company. Without strong leadership and vision, companies may be quick to turn on new C-suite members. Priorities are emerging that appear to be essential to high-performing leadership in a world full of disruption and innovation. Here’s your ultimate new CEO toolbox.

Tool #1: Listen, Communicate, Engage
Most experts agree that CEOs have about one business quarter (90 days) to win over the staff that they’ll be leading. Whether you’ve walked into a role in good times or bad… it’s imperative to get involved from day one.

First and foremost, it’s key to learn everything that you can about the business. Sit down with management to learn financials, vision, products and services, and high-level project management strategies. Without a strong fundamental understanding of the business, there is no way for a C-suite to drive the business forward.

Second, communication is critical. Immediately open up channels of communication with your management teams and other staff. Use those channels early and often to understand the big picture of operations around you. As early as possible, make sure to meet every employee and learn as many of their names as you can.

Finally, begin to engage when you feel comfortable with the subject matter. Listen, learn, and encourage all of those who surround you. Identify pain points and begin working on solutions that can be implemented quickly with as minimal disruption as possible.

Tool #2: Build Trust Quickly and Enthusiastically
The art of delegation is a major key to success for CEOs across all industries. However, quick organization and effective delegation require a buy-in. Build trust as quickly as possible with those around you and focus on big-picture items. Motivate where you can and allow your staff to own their regions of expertise.

CEOs who rely on those around them can quickly build trust with less skepticism. To ensure that desired results are being delivered, establish clear performance measures and hold your employees to them.

Remember that strong leadership can develop a productive environment where their teams feel safe, secure, and celebrated.

Tool #3: Embrace Innovative Thinking
To manage change and disruption in any corporate environment, a great C-suite is required. However, allowing the challenge of thought and counter opinions is essential. Diversity of thought and talent is a huge spark to a company that may need a morale boost in crises. The best resiliency can be found in the most diverse workforces. This can be an invaluable tool to remember through tough times.

Tool #4: Diagnose Problems Before Acting
There’s nothing worse than strong leadership that does not take time to properly diagnose before acting. Without a pulse on the problem, it can be hard to craft the ideal solution. As a new CEO, it’s imperative to measure surrounding problems to ensure that you can measure the success of an installed solution. Finally, always maintain transparency with your management team, and don’t continue to champion a “solution” that just isn’t working.

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