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Over the past few weeks, we created entrepreneurial-minded resolutions, we anticipated the groundwork we could lay while we waited for the reopening and suggested ways in which we could all be proactive in building capabilities in the interim. Now that we have more information and we are experiencing challenges in this slow reopening; it may be time to reimagine our lives and our business. To be open to begin again – anew


Some of us may remember when our cars had lap belts that were rarely worn or when we rode motorcycles without helmets. Someone reimagined our future to be safer and healthier. Our vehicles are safer with three-point lap/shoulder belts and airbags. Our activities such as riding motorcycles, skis, snowboards, bikes, and skateboards are safer wearing helmets and protective equipment. It seems that, once we accept the changes necessary to be safe and healthy, there is no going back.

As the areas in which we live and work reopen, we can reimagine our future so that our lives and our business will always be safe and healthy. Reimagine? Yes, this is the perfect time to assess our current situation and reposition ourselves and our businesses for success. To begin again – anew.

When your business reopens, will it be a restart or a startup? Many of our businesses will not be able to simply reopen, rehire and resume. Some business models will change so much that it will essentially be a startup? This may incorporate reimagining sales, operations, jobs, workspaces, workflow and, most importantly, the customer experience.

Whether your model is B2B or B2C or B2B2C, it is more important than ever to understand your customers, how they have been impacted and their expectations for returning to your business. How can you reopen or rebuild if you don’t start with the customer in mind and reimagine the customer experience during and post-pandemic? This means identifying and understanding your customer segments and making the changes necessary so that your customers have the confidence to return for in-person as well as online transactions without worrying about their health and safety and without compromising the customer experience they have come to expect.

What will that environment look like? The current standard of reduced capacity, face masks, gloves, social distancing, sanitation, and plastic shields or will you go above and beyond. Restaurants provide us with very visible changes – they are now completely sanitizing tables and chairs instead of merely clearing dishes and wiping the table with a damp cloth. And high-end restaurants are a great example to watch as they try to recreate the relaxing dining experience and ambiance with the new health and safety standards.

Our employees are probably wondering what the jobs will look like and what the workplace will look like when they return to work. Many employees are eager to return to the workplace and many employees are eager to continue to work from their home office. Continued flexibility will be key when considering how to ensure the health and safety of our employees as they travel to and from work, as they work at their stations or desks and as they gather in common spaces.

Reimagining can include creating more robust roles and a creative talent strategy with skill and behavioral profiles to confirm each employee utilizes all of their skills and talent. Budgets already stretched thin making the work environments safe, will no longer be able to carry mediocre employees or redundant jobs. The advanced analytics and recruiting that are available can ensure you leverage your existing talent and hire the top performers you need for an efficient, effective workforce.

We were already comfortable with technology, e-commerce and digital. We leaped forward by quickly implementing applications like videoconferencing, virtual team projects, telemedicine and contactless retail curbside pickup. We now are hearing more about social monitoring to identify virus hotspots. Sales and marketing personnel who are mastering the internet and digital seem to have a distinctive advantage in reimagining our future.

Let us know how you are reimagining your business.

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