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Finding skilled and qualified people to fulfill a job has become a bit challenging this past year. Covid-19 changed so much about how businesses run and how they hire. They have had to lay off a lot of people to keep headcounts lower and to make ends meet.

Someone’s skills are sometimes not always evaluated when they are hired for a job. The experience in a certain field is focused on more. But, sometimes people’s skills can be outside of their experience level. That means that finding what people are capable of should be looked into a little bit more.

How Businesses Are Recentering Their Focus
Since the pandemic, the way businesses are hiring people has shifted. They are trying to look at the bigger picture more. Before COVID, only about 59% of the time did a business look into an employee’s skill set, but at their experiences. That has changed by 19% since the pandemic hit.

A Gap In Skills
Looking ahead, businesses can see that there are going to be some gaps in the skills that people are going to be capable of. The pandemic of 2020 brought a lot of things to a halt, and many people had to stop schooling and things. Forcing businesses to find ways to close that gap that is foreseen to come.

In the next 6 to 10 years, many businesses have already predicted there is going to be a drastic drop in skills. That is why many are finding ways to re-skill and look further into their existing employee’s skill sets. Finding ways to help close that gap that is projected to be seen over the years.

What You Need To Do
As a business owner, you need to make a choice now as to how you are going to deal with this. Ways that you can go about this to make a difference in your company. 3 of the main ways to put things into action, are to deliver, engage, and reinforce.

Don’t hesitate to make the changes that need to happen now, deliver the change that your company needs. The pandemic has made the way that companies function to change a lot, some are working remotely for the first time. That may have created some challenges, but finding ways to stay engaged and work together can make it all work out. Social distancing can make it hard to reinforce all the business wants and needs, but finding the ways that work for you is vital.

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