A Leader’s Ability to Think and Judge Critically

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Believe it or not, a leader that has the ability to think and judge critically is more important than a resume full of accolades. If you want to hire a dynamic individual, then you need to focus on selecting a high-level thinker.

While looking for the next top talent for your company, be sure to place the capacity for judgment and critical thinking as part of the criteria as you make your hiring decision. You’ll make a better and better-rounded hire.

Good, Sound Judgment
One that has good judgment is able to be strategic in their thought processes. They are able to use critical thinking skills in order to make sound decisions as a leader. An individual that has good judgment is equipped to do the following:

* Plan ahead and have forethought
* Organize information and provide it clearly to others
* Can understand the power of cause and effect

Critical Thinking
As a critical thinker, you want to be able to foresee the outcome, think about potential consequences and be able to change as needed. Emotions don’t need to get involved here. The truth, facts, and matter at hand must be addressed and thought through. Strong leaders are able to curb emotion and act strategically.

Another skill set that goes along with a critical thinker is that they can compare the past and current situations in a way that provides experience and impact to improve the current matter. With this, a leader should be able to set aside their own pride to bring up things that would help the given situation, even if it reveals past mistakes or room for improvement.

Critical thinking requires the following:
* The skill to take on a problem with an organized approach
* Ability to know what information is needed to obtain
* Foresight to consider alternative options and ways to think about situations

Leadership Roles
Leaders must be self-aware and work to focus on critical thinking and sound judgment. If they miss this, then they are not able to lead their team and be as sharp and ready to tackle projects.

These two skills, critical thinking, and judgment are skills that set people apart. They are advanced and often a rare find.
When times are difficult and stress is high, leaders will revert to a lower cognitive functioning because they are just human after all. The ability to have this higher level of thinking means that you will be an asset to your team, superiors, and company as a whole.

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