7 Employee Handbook Must Haves

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Every business needs an employee handbook. If you don’t have one, then you to contact your HR department ASAP. There are so many important sections in an employee handbook but I’ll focus on the 7 essentials today.

7 Must Haves for an Employee Handbook:

1. Code of Conduct
You must have clear expectations laid out in writing for specific behaviors, dress code, attendance and a variety of other policies. The only way to have clear expectations is to put them in writing.

2. At Will Disclaimer
Be sure to have an “at will employment disclaimer” in your handbook. Everyone needs to understand that the employment is not forced but at will and is at the discretion of the employer.

3. Family Medical Leave Act
An employee handbook is not complete without the FMLA regulations defined. Companies with more than 50 employees are required to comply with 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year.

4. Harassment and Discrimination Policies
The details of these polices are essential. The goal is set expectations and alleviate any potential fears or concerns for your employees. Everyone wants to feel at ease in the workplace and a policy that explains what is permissible is quite helpful.

5. Confidentiality
Each company’s handbook should have wording that ensures your employee’s personal info will be kept confidential. This should protect the info about them during and after they leave the company.

6. Leave of Absence
Employees want to know the details about vacation days, sick days, bereavement, paid time off and the days a business closes. Don’t assume that they will know what you mean. Be very specific and include the hours of operation and specific dates that you are open and closed.

7. Compensation and Benefits
Your employee handbook should explain the pay schedule, benefits package, overtime policy, review and salary increase information. Try and be as direct and detailed in this as possible so that there will be fewer questions later.

If you don’t have an employee handbook for your company, then get that corrected quickly! Set a goal and get one written.

Already have one? Well pull it out, dust it off and see if these 7 “Must Haves” are in there. A yearly revamp is a great idea to be sure that the handbook stays updated with the best info.

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