5 Best Practices for Recruiting and Retention

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Every CEO knows that recruiting and retaining talent is crucial from a business standpoint. That is why you want to ensure you attract, recruit, engage, and retain top talent in this ever-changing environment. Yes, retention can be an issue, but it can also bring exceptional results. Here are some of the best practices for recruiting and retention.

Create a people-first approach
As you do that, you get to focus on finding the right person for the task at hand. It’s the ideal way to align your hiring with the business goals. It might not seem like a lot at first, but it will help bring in some great benefits and solutions.

Establish an interview process with a people-first approach
A lot of potential hires are worried about the challenges of the interview process. That’s why you want to avoid any friction points and make the interview more efficient. It allows everyone to enjoy the process and you get the most out of the interview too. Make sure you don’t take a month or two to have several rounds of interviews. The best candidates will most likely remove themselves from the process as they are probably already employed. Approach the interview as a mutual conversation. Allow the candidate to be a part of the conversation and keep a friendly tone.

Always write the best job descriptions
Writing the best job descriptions is a great idea because it helps you target the right hires. If you just write random job descriptions, then that can be an issue. You want them to be detailed, to the point and accurate. Include the behaviors and competencies needed for the job. If you explain what you need properly, then people will be more prone to apply. And that’s exactly what you need to take into consideration.

Do an audit of the employer board
The main focus is to ensure that you do have great reviews on hiring sites, but also assess the job board to see if it has the right usability. Keep in mind that candidates will also research you; it is not just you researching them. So having the right presence can help and it will bring you good results

Keep the core values as a central point
Before the interview make sure you know what you are looking for in regard to core values alignment. Core values alignment is the key to making good hiring decisions and letting candidates know what they can expect. If you can align the core values with the candidate, you have a better chance of retaining the new team member. This cannot, not be overstated. Make sure your company has a set of core values that it lives by. This will help potential new hires imagine how they could fit within your organization. Top talent needs to be impressed by your company and its culture, so you need to show that.

It’s very important to use these practices for recruiting and retention, because they will help your business attract & retain top talent. Of course there can be all kinds of challenges that arise, but adequate implementation, alignment, talent strategy, values, and listening to your team are some of today’s best practices.

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