4 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

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In the United States today, there are over 80 million millennials. This age group wants to feel connected in their purchasing decisions so they identify best with less traditional marketing tactics.

They crave a more personalized approach and one that they can relate to. In fact, studies show that millennials don’t trust traditional marketing.

Check out these four tips for marketing to millennials. They are a force to be reckoned with and certainly considered when planning how to spend your company’s marketing dollars.

1.  Make Mobile Marketing a Priority
Approximately 85% of millennials use a smartphone so you must have mobile friendly website in order to capture their attention. More and more they use their phones and tablets instead of a computer when they make their buying decisions.

Use your marketing dollars wisely and be sure that your site’s load times are quick and that there is an obvious call to action for your millennial customer base to embrace with ease.

2.  Get Them Engaged
Most millennials don’t remember life without internet and social media. They thrive best when given the chance to research and that often includes their favorite social medial networks as a resource.

In order to effectively market to millennials, you need to engage them by having other millennials spread the word to them. They find their friends a credible source over most face to face interactions or campaigns when it comes to product info.

3.  Don’t Forget the Fun Factor
Millennials just want to have fun and are on a mission to enjoy life. These young consumers like the research process to learn about the product they may purchase. They love the exploration aspect which allows them to have an experience when shopping not just a new item or service.

Wise companies know that millennials want to spend time browsing online and enjoying social media. They market their products in an entertaining way and allow for increased engagement with these young consumers.

4.  Made for Them
Millennials respond to marketing that makes them feel the product was created specifically for them. They don’t want a pushy salesperson but rather content that is presented in a relational way. The youth of today want honesty and transparency which helps them picture that the product is for them.

Millennials love to research and enjoy the experience of products and services. In order to capture their interest, you’ll want to adhere to these marketing tips so that you can gain their trust and loyalty, increasing your customer base at the same time.

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