4 Things to look for when interviewing

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Looking for the right job candidate can be a hard job. First, you need someone that is qualified to do the work. Second, you need to find someone that is willing to show up and do the job. Here are a few things you can do that will help you tackle it and be successful.

1. Weed Out Candidates Based Off of Their Enthusiasm
When you start looking for a new employee you want someone that has drive and enthusiasm for the job they are applying for. Their passion should stand out in their resume and really show during the interview. People that really love their job versus the paycheck tend to stay longer with the company.

Most people that love their job are also go-getters that stay driven and are competitive. You can usually count on these people to be proficient, hardworking and on time. These type of people are great for your business.

2. Determine if They Can Work Well With Your Team
One of the most important values is working together with others. Your teammates have to know that they can depend on them to complete the work together. Even if most of the work can be done alone, they still have to be able to work alongside their coworkers and employer when needed.

Usually, these type of people is easy to get along with, go with the flow and look for ways to help others. They are enthusiastic and able to encourage their coworkers, as well. Working well together is a must-have skill for most employers.

3. What is Their Level of Communication?
Communication goes hand in hand with working together. It is always a must to have employees that show respectfulness, work well together and have good communication skills. Your business will thrive better if your employees are friendly and helpful to your clients.

The interview will show how responsive they are to you. If they communicate well and have a respectful attitude, then that is someone that you need for your business.

4. Do They Share Your Company Values?
Another thing that I always ask the potential employee is what is their mission? Businesses work hard to uphold their values and they do not want to hire anyone that is going to go against it. Most employers want to hire people that have high standards and hold themselves accountable.

Accountable people will be honest and work hard for your business while doing it with integrity. Even when there’s a problem, you need someone that is going to be upfront about it. Hiring someone that has values that align with the company is a person that you want to hire.

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