3 Ways To Spot A Potential Toxic Hire

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Hiring an employee for your business is a big decision. It can end up costing you more money than gain by hiring a toxic employee. There are some areas that you can pay attention to when you are hiring an employee to help you avoid a big mistake. You can ask certain questions and look for different characteristics that can help you notice toxic traits.

Definition Of A Toxic Employee

A toxic employee won’t be a good addition to your business, because they don’t comply with your values and vision that you have. If they are not willing to work as a team, be honest, and respect your values, they are going to hurt your business more than benefit. Pay attention to what they are telling you and how they portray themselves during the interview.

Do They Fit Your Vision?

Interviewing a potential employee can be a stressful and exciting time. The vision that you have for your business should reflect on the employees that you hire. Ask them questions that help you see if they fit into that vision. Their personality will either match your vision or clash with it.

●        Are you looking for elegancy?

●        Are you looking for peacefulness?

●        Are you looking for serenity?

If the person’s energy or personality doesn’t reflect the vision that you have for the atmosphere of your business, it probably isn’t the right choice. It doesn’t mean anything bad towards the individual, it just means they would be toxic to the vision that you have for your business.

Do They Respect Your Value?

When you are interviewing, ask them about themselves. Don’t go into much detail about what you are looking for in the employee. Let them tell you about the values that they have and how they portrayed themselves at previous jobs.

People will try and tell you what you want to hear if you tell them ahead of time what you are looking for. To get a real idea of their actual values is to talk with them. Pay attention to the answers and base your decision on them.

Are They Vulnerable?

Honest employees are probably on the top of any employer’s list. You should be able to trust the employee to be upfront and honest about things when they are on the job. Everyone is going to claim to be honest when asked, but telling about their weaknesses is a great way to really know about them. You will be able to see how forward and honest they are willing to be with you about past mistakes.

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