3 Reasons Why Our Leaders Are in Trouble

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A surprising majority of people in the workplace believe the world is currently in a leadership crisis. People in positions of power seem less and less competent to lead and more and more arrogant about the positions they hold. Here are some reasons we believe our leaders may be in trouble.

1. An Obsession With Results
Today’s result-driven world has caused our leaders to become obsessed with the bottom line. No longer are they focused on the process of getting to those results, they are simply driven by profit and results. This can lead to a workplace with a toxic environment where positive production hangs by a flimsy thread.

Leaders should be just as focused on the process as they are the end result. Establishing a healthy work environment and focusing on the basics will become more beneficial to the company in the long run. When all you focus on is profit and income, you lose sight of the factors that cause those outcomes.

2. Failing to Adapt
Companies and the teams working in them being a well-oiled machined is one of the oldest metaphors in business. However, just as technological advances change the way those machines run, cultural advances change the way our businesses run. Organizations are a well-oiled machine, but they are a machine that is ever changing.

Unfortunately, not all leaders realize the importance of being able to adapt to the times. Just because something worked a decade ago, or even just five years ago, doesn’t mean it’s going to work today. A successful leader is willing to change, adapt and implement new leadership styles that keep their team running like a well-oiled machine.

3. We’re Working Harder Not Smarter
As Americans, we have a ‘the grind never stops’ mentality that has been engraved in us since we started elementary school. While other cultures around the world have found success in adopting a ‘less-is-more’ approach, we continue to push ourselves on a daily basis. It might be time to consider working smarter, not harder.

Studies have shown that a decrease in the number of hours can help increase employees productivity. The idea behind it is an employee who works less will be more energized, motivated and will be less likely to burn out. Perhaps it’s time for leaders to reconsider how we view the American workweek.

Not All Hope Is Lost
While leaders may be losing the faith of their contemporaries, not all hope is lost. There are steps leaders can take to improve what’s going on around them

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