3 Communication Habits Good Leaders Practice Daily

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Communication is probably one of the most important qualities that a leader can possess. It shows that you not only can be in charge, but you also care about what others feel and think. When there is lack of communication, it leaves room for people to get confused. This can lead to unfortunate rumors and misinformation.

The people in your workplace will thrive on good communication. The business can run more efficiently and effectively when their communication with one another is strong. When people feel as though there isn’t an open line to do so, they may be afraid to speak up and voice what they are feeling or thinking.

Ways to Communicate In The Workplace

Communicating isn’t just about you talking, it is also about listening. A good leader must show respect and interest in what people are telling them. Listening to what your coworkers have to say can make them feel heard and understood.

The reason that we communicate is to inform one another, express how you are feeling, to encourage, to impact each other, and to meet expectations. Without it, things would not play out very well. Here are some ways that you as a leader can do better with this and encourage your team as well.

1.  Eye Contact
Eye contact is a very important thing when you are communicating. Body language is perceived in either a good or a bad way. Your eyes surprisingly can play a big role in your body language. Eye contact lets the person know that you are listening and care about what they are telling you.

2.  Don’t Zone Out
Spacing out during a conversation can sometimes be easy to do. When you do that you have a look on your face that happens, this look is very obvious that you are no longer paying attention to the person talking to you. When you catch yourself zoning out of a conversation, make a conscious effort to bring yourself back in.

3.  Tell Your Story
This is a way the people you work with can connect with you on a different level, it will help them to also open up. It can improve the workflow that happens. This will also give them the opportunity to open up about themselves, and help everyone one learn how to better work with one another.

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