Day: July 11, 2012

JK Consultants Has 30 Years Of Global Leadership Recruitment Experience And Success

We work with clients to design roles and responsibilities and help them hire the right people. We help professionals advance their careers.

A Process for Onboarding

A PROCESS FOR ONBOARDING: ORIENTATION, ACCLIMATION, INTEGRATION AND RETENTION A great recruitment process includes a process for onboarding. Your new employee orientation is your first

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Business Travel Tips

Business travel is not a vacation; it is generally tiring and stressful and many frequent business travelers would be happier if they could just stay

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Negotiating for Success

Few things have more impact on the long-term success of your business than your ability to negotiate successful deals with customers, vendors, bankers and other

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Recruiters: The Missing Link

Executive recruiting is a multi-billion dollar international industry that acts as the missing link between a half million job seekers and employers each year. At

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