10 Things You’ll Do Differently in Business 10 Years From Now

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There is no question that the world is changing, and with that, companies are having to adapt to how they do business. While most of these shifts are positive, some of them can leave companies desperate for skilled workers and employees isolated from their peers. Regardless, the following trends are happening and only time will tell how the businesses will be impacted.

Focusing on Culture
Technology has become a major factor in helping companies promote their businesses. On the other hand, consumers have been able to impact organizations through technology by leaving reviews and exposing unacceptable company practices. Because of this shift, three trends have emerged, including:
1. Customers have started selecting brands based on business practices, rather than just their features
2. Employees will begin factoring in the culture of the organization when obtaining a job
3. Chief Culture Officers (CCOs) will become more prevalent and visible

By working with a CCO, businesses can improve their practices,encouraging a greater culture, a better company perception, and therefore, a more productive and fulfilled workforce.

Moving Away From the Office
Further emerging trends include:
4. Companies have started hiring staff that live further from the office
5. They are starting to work more regularly with international teams
6. Work hubs, like WeWork, will continue to increase in popularity
7. Distributed workforces will be the norm

Businesses are no longer isolated to their immediate area or limited to working in the office. With an increase in technology, employees can live hours, several states, or even countries away and can connect with the home base. While advantageous for finding quality workers, it can cause isolation and the degradation of relationships impacting the culture and efficiency of a team.

Restructuring the Workload
The tenure of the average American worker has been falling and will continue to do so, again, impacting how a company must operate.

As a result:
8. Companies will begin high-speed, project-based work called “Work Cycles”
9. Retention of employees will not be a priority anymore
10. Workers will now be in charge of their own development and career progression.

While in the past retention was a priority, companies will now need to shift their focus to short-term projects with employees, some as little as 18 months. Because of this, organizations now lose the burden of having to develop an individual, as they likely will not be at the job long enough. Despite this trend, employers should still encourage retention through an inviting culture, as it is still beneficial economically.

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